Kids love playing with water.

In fact, I’ve not found a kid that doesn’t like some loud, splashy, active water fun, especially during the summer.

What makes water play even more interesting is having water toys.

In this article, we’ll focus on two water toys – toy boats and sailboats – and what makes them fun for kids.

By Lilian.

Why are Toy Boats and Sailboats Fun for Kids?

I looked around and found some very interesting reasons why kids love toy boats and sailboats. Let me share with you.

They Arouse Kids’ Imagination of Real Boats

Kids might have watched boats in movies and/or gone on a boat vacation. Either way, children are really thrilled by boats.

Playing with toy boats and sailboats arouses their imagination even more.

The little captains imagine steering the course of their boat, commanding the crew, fighting the sea monsters, and much more.

There’s no limit to their imagination. Right? It’s got to be fun!

Playing with Toy Boats & Sailboats is an Exciting Floating Experiment

While kids play with toy boats/sailboats, they learn about buoyancy, which is definitely a thrilling experiment!

What’s more, they’re curious to know why a small rock sinks in water, yet a heavier toy boat/sailboat doesn’t sink!

Curiosity makes play exciting!

Toy Boats/Sailboats Create Waves in Water

When kids place the boat on water, the first thing they observe is a continuous ring of waves as the boat floats and moves on the water.

They keep repeating this to enjoy the view.

Isn’t this a reminder of beach vacations?

Kids Love that Sailboats can be Propelled by the Wind

What makes sailboats unique is that they’re fully dependent on the wind for locomotion.

Kids are used to toys that are mostly propelled by electricity or batteries.

The old man says “A change is as good as a rest”.

Having a wind-powered toy is definitely a break from normal/usual, which is absolutely fun!

Kids are Naturally Drawn to Water

Maureen Healy, the founder of Growing Happy Kids and author of “The Emotionally Health Child” explains that children are naturally drawn to water.

For this reason, kids love toys that facilitate water play. Fortunately, toy boats and sailboats are top on the list of such toys.

Maureen suggests that playing in water stimulates kids’ senses and is also very calming.

It is a sensory extravaganza as kids hear the splashes, see the waves, taste a few droplets, and feel the wetness

Now that we know why toy boats and sailboats are fun, let’s delve into the different types. Read on!

Wooden vs Plastic Toy Boats

Wooden Toy Boats

Wooden toy boats are beautiful gender-neutral toys that balance on water.

Most people consider wooden toy boats – basically wooden toys – the more ethical choice of toy boats, in terms of sustainability and environmental conservation.

What’s more, they’re generally more durable than plastic toy boats.

Plastic Toy Boats

Plastic toy boats are more common than wooden ones.

You’ll notice that they’re very lightweight, so they’ll be enjoyable even for younger kids.

I also love that they’re easy to clean, unlike wooden toy boats. All you need is a damp cloth to wipe off the dirt and stains.

Don’t forget that they come in different colors.

Your little one will be spoilt for choice choosing their favorite color!

Why do Kids Love Sailboats?

Sailboats are a favorite – even for adults.

They have that traditional good look that makes them stand out from other toy boats.

With sailboats, you’re going to introduce your little one to wind-propelled machineries such as real-life sailboats, windmills, and power plants.

They might develop some interest in wind energy, who knows?

How do Wooden Sailboat Toys Float and Move in Water?

Well, the idea behind why boats float is not so difficult.

When you lower a (toy) boat in water, the weight and density of the water is always higher than that of the boat.

Remember that the inside of the boat is mostly filled with air, and air doesn’t have a significant weight.

So, the boat will definitely float. The wind will then propel the sailboat to follow the direction of the wind.

What does your child love about toy boats and sailboats?

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