Do you feel like your home is constantly cluttered with toys, stuffed animals and games?

Well, you’re not alone. Many parents feel like they’re always picking up kids’ toys lying everywhere.

If you’re not pestering the children to clean up, then you’re crawling with your hands and knees after bedtime in a bid to locate every last piece of toy.

The good news is, there’s a better life than this!

By Lilian.

Read on for a few toy storage tips and ideas you should consider to ensure your home is toy-clutter free and well-organized.

10 Toy Storage Tips

Purge Those Unnecessary Toys

If you’re not sorting out toys as you get new ones, you’re bound to feel overwhelmed by toys all the time!

Don’t get me wrong; I understand there are some toys you or your child are emotionally attached to, so let’s do this one step at a time.

Shannon Johnson, a professional organizer, suggests that you start with getting out the broken toys, those puzzles with missing pieces, and toys that are no longer age-appropriate.

This gives you clarity on the space you need for the necessary toys.

Get Some Transparent Bins

Colorful toys put in a huge transparent bin are so eye-catching!

Besides, the fact that the bin lies on the floor means it’s easy for little kids to find the toys they’re searching for.

Label the Toy Bins

Ensure you group the like toys together and label the bins.

For instance, toy cars and tractor sets can be stored together in the “Cars” bin, while the toy utensils go in the “Kitchen” bin.

It makes locating toys during play easier.

Have you Thought About a Toy Cabinet?

With a cabinet, you’re free to just close the door and forget the existence of the toys cluttered in the cabinet!

You can also have a few organized bins in the toy cabinets to reduce the mess.

How about Keeping the Storage Bins on a Shelf?

For the toys your little one doesn’t use on a daily basis, just stack them in a bin and put them on a high shelf.

Those that are used frequently can go in bins on a low shelf.

That Play Kitchen is Storage Too!

Instead of getting bins for those play foods, just cut the slack and put them in the play kitchen set.

Don’t forget that the oven in the play kitchen has considerable storage space.

A Toy Organizer is a Great Option too!

It’s fantastic because of the visual appeal and the fact that it grabs kids’ attention to the toys, unlike storage spaces such as toy boxes.

I love that the bins in the organizer are multi-purpose and it’s easier to rotate toys.

The toy organizer is also easily accessible even for younger kids.

How About Art Table Drawers?

If you have an art table, use the drawers to store all art and craft paraphernalia. Let those crayons, paint brushes, markers, etc. stay in there.

Arrange the art supplies in fewer drawers and you have a drawer or two left for additional toy storage!

If the table doesn’t come with drawers, just make a small set of plastic drawers right next/below the table.

Try the Age-old Classic Toy Box

A single toy box can store a wide range of toys and many of them are durable.

Particularly the wooden ones.

Install some Bookshelves

Your child(ren)’s books do not have to lay around their bedroom or the dining table all the time.

Just get a simple bookshelf for them.

If it’s big enough, the bookshelf is fantastic storage for freestanding toys.

Now let me share with you some more ideas for hidden storage.

Hidden Toy Storage Ideas

If you’re keen on storing toys in seemingly unique hidden points, read on!

Get the Toy Chest that’s Also a Bench

There are multi-purpose benches that you or your little one can sit on, and below the bench, there’s a space for storing toys.

Well, these ones have become quite common – there’s one for KidKraft, Melissa & Doug, etc.

Utilize the Space Between Bunks

Most bunk beds have some space between them. This is the perfect space for storing nighttime reading books!

You can install a colorful curtain over the space to get some hidden storage, if you need one.

How About a Coffee Table with Storage Beneath?

Some coffee tables are designed with a box underneath which means that when closed, the box is a table, and if you open it, you have a huge space to store toys.

The storage is actually partitioned so you can store toys that have similar characteristics together for easier identification during playtime.

In case you’re tight on space, let me give you some tips.

Toy Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Even if you live in a tiny space, there’s no reason to have toys cluttered all over. Try this…

Consider a Stand-Alone Toy Drawer

You can get a single column 4- or 5-drawer that stands alone, and put it at the corner of your living room or your child’s room.

Such a drawer should be half the size of the clothes drawer most people have in their homes, but a little taller.

The coffee table with storage beneath as well as the toy chest that’s also a bench are also fantastic options when living in small spaces.

Remember they’re multi-purpose, meaning you can replace your current coffee table and have some extra space with the bench. This is a win-win!

Have you thought about a basket for storing toys? Let me jump-start your mind…

Toy Storage Baskets

Baskets are very multi-purpose items in the home.

You can find some very stunning toy storage baskets (some come as a set of 3 or 4 baskets) made of seagrass, canvass, fleece, cotton, or plastic.

Conclusively, with all the above tips, there’s no reason for your home to be cluttered with toys. Right?

Photo by Keira Burton.

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