If you have kids, then you know that toy storage is a very important topic for your household. Otherwise, you’re going to spend your days and nights stepping on Legos, stuffed toys, toy cars, etc.

The only way you can completely avoid such a situation is by remaining child-free, a trend that has been on the rise lately.

However, if you’re reading this, then this option is most likely not in the cards – you already have at least one kid.

So, let’s brace ourselves for life around toys by learning how we can choose a toy storage chest and other toy storage ideas.

By Lilian.

How to Choose a Toy Storage Chest

First and foremost, choose a style that you and your child love!

Consider getting a toy chest with colors that you guys love most, or at least one that can be painted to fit your preferences.

Another aspect you should consider is whether the toy chest meets your storage needs.

There’s no denying that toys accumulate over time, so as much as a smaller toy chest could be enough at the moment, how about a year or two from now?

For ultimate utility, organizers advise choosing a toy chest that’s also a bench?

The toy chest could provide extra seating space in the living room or the playroom.

What’s more, you should consider a toy chest with wheels.

This is fantastic for mobility!

How about safety? I realized that the toy chest’s lid is a potential source of danger for pinching kid’s little fingers.

That’s why you should always confirm that the toy chest has a slow-closing metal safety hinge.

Also, avoid those toy chests with lids that lock themselves automatically.

Last but not least, do not ignore the material of the toy chest – be it plastic, metallic or wooden.

Can I tell you more about the wooden toy chest?

Wooden Toy Chest

Many people love wooden toy chests compared to plastic ones. For one, wooden toy chests are more durable, especially those that are made from hardwood.

The hardwood means that they’re sturdier and have smoother edges. Remember that kids will always try to climb up the chest, so it’s good to get one that’s sturdy and with near-zero risk of broken corners.

What’s more, with a wooden toy chest, you can always customize and get your little one’s name inscribed on the chest.

I mean, which child wouldn’t be obsessed with this? It makes them feel special in such a great way.

Unsure about the wooden toy chest? Here’s a fantastic alternative.

Plastic Toy Box

If you choose to buy a plastic toy box, there are a few things you need to consider.

How is the lid? If left unchecked, it’s dangerous for kids.

The lid could be closing too fast, posing danger to those little hands and fingers.

So, before purchase, ensure the lid has a hinge that closes slowly, and even after that, confirm that it still functions as it should every now and then.

Let’s agree that finding kids inside a toy box is not an isolated scenario, right?

Well, that’s why you should consider a toy box with ventilation to ensure that there’s no suffocation in case a kid can’t get themselves off the box.

The best thing about some plastic toy boxes is that they come with bins too!

Besides the toy chest and the toy box, well, there are a myriad of toy storage options you can explore.

Read on!

Toy Storage Ideas

Furniture with Storage

If you’re looking for multi-purpose, gorgeous items to add to your house, prioritize furniture with storage.

You can get a coffee table, an ottoman, and a sofa, all of which have storage underneath.

This is a fantastic idea especially if you live in a small space.

Have You thought About Hammocks?

Hammocks are the best storage options for stuffed animals, even the huge ones.

The hammock can be positioned in the playroom or in your child’s bedroom.

What if you Relocate the Sofa?

Pulling out your sofa forward leaves a space between the wall and the sofa which is fantastic for toy storage.

This has been one of my favorite toy storage spaces for years, even after moving houses!

Especially those huge toys.

How About Woven Toy Baskets?

Woven toy baskets are perfect for odd-shaped toys such as musical instruments. You can put them on the floor or on a low shelf.

Remember that when filled with toys, the baskets will get heavy, so ensure you get baskets with handles.

Which toy storage option do you prefer?

Photo by Keira Burton.

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