In the world of toys, the bigger the toy store, the better.

How about you check out the most gigantic toy stores in the world?

You’ll have an awesome experience getting lost in the world of toys in such stores.

Let me tell you about the six largest toy stores in the world.

By Lilian.

Hamley’s Toy Store, London, UK

Established in 1760, Hamley’s is the oldest toy store in the world. It’s been in operation for 250+ years!

This 50,000 sq. Ft store has 7 floors, all packed with toys, games, magic tricks and crafts from over 40,000 toy lines.

The fact that each floor has its own theme makes it feel like you’re visiting 7 toy stores all-in-one.

If your kid(s) are crafty, make sure you visit the 3rd floor to enjoy and participate in hands-on craft demonstrations.

If they’re fascinated by the UK Royal Family structure, check out the life size Lego sculptures on the 5th floor.

The store has space set aside for birthday parties (including sleepovers) and private tours.

What’s more, you’ll find people from literally every country around the globe visiting this magical toy store.

Check out their website at

FAO Schwartz, New York City

With a wide range of toys, stuffed animals, STEM products and board games, FAO Schwartz is larger than life.

The store is a whopping 20,000 sq. Ft.

It’s the oldest known toy store in the US today, having started operations in 1862.

The store refers to itself as the “world’s most iconic toy store”. It has actually featured in films such as “Home Alone 2” and “Big”.

People of all ages – be it infants, toddlers, teenagers or adults – will always find something fancy at the store.

I mean, who wouldn’t try playing the grand piano Adam Sandler played in “Big”?

What’s more, the shopping experience is on top of the moon, highly interactive.

Kids enjoy hands-on activities (free of charge for some) that evoke their playfulness and imagination.

Check out their website at

Once Upon a Toy, Orlando, Florida

Once Upon a Toy is a 16,000 sq. Ft. toy shop located in Downtown Orlando Disney Springs.

The first thing you’ll notice at the shop, even before you walk in, is the impressive décor.

The exterior is constructed from monster Tinker Toys and Lincoln Logs.

Once inside, you’ll behold a space packed with toys and displays, from the floor to the ceiling, spread out even in ceiling displays with model trains, gigantic board games, plush animals and so much more.

Fortunately, as much as the toys are in the Disney complex, you’ll find both Disney and non-Disney fun fairs.

When we visited the store a few years ago, my son and I went to the make-your-own-potato station and crafted a custom Mr. Potato Head. The experience was so enjoyable!

Check out their website at

Kiddyland, Tokyo, Japan

Kiddyland is a four-storey toy shop in Tokyo that’s packed with all manner of branded toys and merchandise.

Each floor is designed for a specific line of products, to make shopping easier and more detailed.

What’s more – and best news to parents – is that this toy store is tax-free!

Also, no other store is as rich in the enchantment of Japanese culture as this one.

It’s the place to get all those Japanese toys that are unique to Japan.

A little disclaimer here: It doesn’t mean that you’ll not find American and European toys.

You’ll find so many American brands such as Disney, Marvel and Star Wars.

The only problem you’re gonna face is how to set your budget and stick to it!

Check out their website at (Remember to select your preferred language at the bottom of the page).

Toys “R” Us, New York City

Toys “R” Us is not your ordinary toy store; it’s an all-day exploit with splendid goodness spread around a 110,000 sq. Ft. space!

You’re gonna experience the giant indoor Ferris Wheel, different New York City landmarks built with Lego, and the mechatronic puppet T-Rex.

Despite closing most in-person stores 4 years ago, Toys “R” Us re-opened in December 2021, so if you reside here, or you’re visiting NYC, add this spot to your bucket list.

Check out their website at

Kids Cavern, Macau, China

Kids Cavern is a gem of the toy world in China.

The owner wanted to create a kid’s store with an international flair and a unique but vibrant atmosphere.

Well, he got just that!

This 35,000 sq. Ft shop is loaded with the widest variety of brand-name toys for kids, including gigantic superheroes of all times.

There’s a Princess Beauty House and a Toy’s Kingdom to add to the delight of your adventurous kids.

Imagine the wondrous delight of your little one watching an actual flying toy plane, in the store! Where else are you gonna find this?

What’s more, you’re gonna love the shop’s design.

The interior is out-of-this-world, with over 40,000 bright LED light displays, incredible interior décor and decorations.

Don’t forget to get some candy at the biggest candy store in Macau, located right inside this store!

Check out their website at

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