Tables provide a fantastic space for kids to engage in a wide range of activities – be it reading or simply channeling kids’ inner Picasso!

Considering that there are so many options out there for kids’ tables, sometimes it becomes daunting to decide which table to buy and which one to leave.

Well, I figured this out and prepared a few tips to consider when choosing a table for your little one.

Read on!

By Lilian.

6 Tips/Factors to Consider when Choosing a Toddler Table

Consider the Materials from Which the Table is Made

Toddler tables can be made from wood, plastic, metal, etc., as long as the materials are safe for children.

What’s more, as a parent, always opt for tables that are easy to clean.

It’s advisable to prioritize tables that you can simply wipe the mess with a damp cloth and it’s as good as new!

The Durability should be Top-Notch

Although it’s fine to buy a table that’s only for toddlers, it’s also better to consider the durability of the product to ensure you get the maximum value for money!

For instance, in terms of longevity/durability, a wooden table would score higher than a plastic one.

Assess the construction of the table to ensure the legs are not wobbling and that there are not too many small breakable parts.

Consider the Available Space

The space aspect comes in two ways.

First, the chairs that come with the table. It’s important to consider the number of kids who will be using the table.

If you have an only child for now, a 1 or 2-chair set would be fine.

If you have 2 kids but you host regular playdates, you should get a table that has extra seats – up to 4.

Second, consider the space in your house.

There’s no need to have a huge toddler table squashed in a corner of your living room until your little one cannot even sit properly because there’s no other available space in the house, right?

Evaluate the Aesthetic Appeal

Well, there’s no right or wrong answer here. Only you can tell what works for you and your child.

For instance, the color of the table, whether it blends in with your home décor or if its design is appealing to your little one.

Consider the Size of the Table

Your toddler furniture definitely needs to be the appropriate size for your toddler at every age.

Ensure that your little one’s legs are not hanging in the air below the table. Nor should they be struggling to reach the table top while seated, right?

This is perhaps the reason you should consider a table with an adjustable height.

Prioritize Portability

Who wants to call someone (even a neighbor) to come to your house to lift a toddler table?

I bet no one!

This is why you should ensure you get a portable table; one that you can fold its legs and chairs and move the table comfortably from one room to another.

Better still, you can just toss the table into your trunk and be on the go!

Want some more details on the foldable toddler table and chairs? I got you. Read on!

Foldable Toddler Table and Chairs

One of the most exquisite pieces of furniture you should consider for your child’s playroom is a foldable table and chair.

If you’re tight on space, a foldable toddler table is a must-have!

These pieces of furniture are easy to store – you just have to fold them into a compact design and place it anywhere in your home effortlessly!

The same case applies to when you’re moving houses or just traveling with the table to some other place!

Some are small enough to fit in the cupboard after folding!

Foldable toddler tables are also more often lightweight, which is why most parents love them!

What’s more, most foldable toddler tables and chairs are multi-purpose!

When making dinner in the kitchen, serve your toddler some snacks on the foldable table and chair right there!

They can also be used as bedside tables or outdoors.

Here’s the secret to ensure you get the best toddler table and chair!

Best Toddler Table and Chairs

The secret to choosing the best toddler table and chair for your little one is to ensure you consider their age and height.

The table below is a fantastic guide – credits to to ensure you get a table and chair that allows your little one to sit ergonomically.

Age (Years)Recommended Seating Height (Inches)Recommended Table Height (Inches)


With the above tips, you’re sure to choose the best table for your little one!

It’s time to shop, right? 

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