Children around the world love to draw and paint stuff. Is your little one among them?

Well, you need to encourage this interest! Create an environment that motivates them to pursue this passion every day!

One item you should not miss in this pursuit is an art desk.

Let me share with you a few tips to consider when choosing an art desk for your lovely tot.

By Lilian.

Tips to Consider when Choosing an Art Desk for Kids

Consider the Ergonomics of Space

Just as you would do when buying a desk for yourself, when buying an art desk for your little one, ensure it fits them comfortably.

The desk should not be squashed into a corner!

Ensure that your child is going to sit comfortably as they draw or paint.

Their feet should not be hanging in the air because the chair is too high.

They should also have enough legroom below.

Let them have enough space to position their wrists and to also comfortably remain in an upright posture while using the desk.

Remember that comfort and good sitting position are not only important for appropriate body development but they’re also linked to greater productivity!

Ensure the Art Desk Has a Tilt

The tilt on an art desk is extremely important.

It allows the artist to have a closer inspection of the detailed areas that would, without the tilt, be too far off from their eyes if the art desk was just flat.

Another reason you should get an art desk with a tilted surface is to accommodate the artist’s visual perception of perspectives and foreshortening.

Ensure it has an Adjustable Height

As parents, we want to buy toys that grow with our kids, right? I can bet you don’t want to buy an art desk every year. I mean, let it last them a couple of years, right?

To achieve this, get an art desk whose height can be adjusted.

This will be fantastic because you can keep adjusting the height as your little one grows!

Don’t forget that the adjustable height also gives them an option to work while sitting or standing up!

Prioritize Art Desks with Safe Storage Space

There’s no need of spending an hour every day ransacking your house for a single art pencil, brush, or any other art paraphernalia!

Just get an art desk that has safe storage space.

Such a desk is amazing because it gives your little one some sense of “private” storage space for their stuff.

It also teaches children the habit of putting away stuff once they’re done with a task, which is very good for their independence and responsibility!

Consider your Child’s Individual Preferences

Well, if you want to meet your child’s smiley face at the doorway while you bring that art desk home, you can’t afford to ignore their preferences!

Consider what your child would love to have – in terms of color, material, and other extras.

For instance, if they’re very environment-conscious, a wooden art desk would be more preferable to a plastic one.

Let me now share with you two alternatives to the art desk.

Arts and Crafts Table with Storage

As an alternative to the art desk, you can also consider getting your little one an arts and crafts table.

These tables are ideal spaces for kids’ activities, which include painting, gluing, drawing, and cutting activities, all the way to serious school homework.

The best thing about these tables is that they come with lots of storage space for stationery as well as different arts and crafts supplies.

What’s more, some arts and crafts tables come with two chairs because most are big enough to be shared by 2 kids!

Playroom Art Table

A playroom art table is another fantastic alternative to the art desk.

Most of these art tables come with an in-built paper roll and at least 2 chairs and built-in cup holders.

They’re perfect for all kids’ art projects!

Some playroom art tables are big enough for 3 people; even parents can join in. All you need to do is get some extra chairs!

As you shop, it would be better to choose an art table that comes with drawers for the storage of art paraphernalia.

Those that come with a natural wood finish at the tabletop are awesome!

You’re probably wondering, why should I really encourage my child to engage in art?

Well, let me tell you why.

Why Parents Should Encourage Kids to Engage in Arts

While it’s fine for kids to learn math, languages, and sciences, art is also very important!

Art gives kids an avenue to express themselves, communicate with others, and build their confidence.

According to statistics, children involved in arts are more likely to have higher academic scores and above-average school attendance. They’re also less likely to drop out of school!

Don’t forget that because of their creativity, they have higher chances of getting meaningful employment after school!

Aren’t these advantages enough to get your mind thinking about that art desk for your lovely tot?

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