Building blocks are very popular toys among kids.

You might have heard of Legos and Duplos, but have you heard about Tegu Wooden Blocks?

These wooden blocks are gorgeously crafted and come with hidden magnets for that extra dimension to construction play.

Let me share a few more details about these super-amazing blocks every child should have.

By Lilian.

About Tegu Wooden Blocks

Can you fathom the idea of wooden, magnetic blocks? This is it!

Tegu is a toy manufacturing company located in the U.S. and Honduras.

In fact, the name “Tegu” hails from Honduras’ capital city, Tegucigalpa.

Tegu has been around since 2006 after being invented by two brothers – Chris Haughey and Will Haughey.

The blocks are sold around the world through the Tegu website and in over 500 physical stores in the U.S.

Since its inception, the company has received numerous awards for its innovative and green design.

How does it achieve this? Well, read on…

Tegu Wooden Blocks and Environmental Sustainability

Tegu blocks are produced from eco-friendly hardwood referred to as Huesito – the Spanish name for “little bone”.

Huesito is freely available in Honduras’ forest and if harvested appropriately, the wood is highly sustainable.

Harvesting always begins with a mature tree that’s picked by hand from the forests.

The Tegu company cooperates with local authorities to support the natural regeneration of the forest.

For every single Tegu block set sold, the company plants – or contributes revenue for – at least one tree to ensure that re-forestation remains.

More interestingly, for each Tegu block set you purchase, the company gives you an option to plant 12 trees or to fund one school day for children who have no access to education.

So, if you’re an environmental and social enthusiast, Tegu wooden blocks are designed for you!

Are Tegu Blocks Really Worth it?

What I love most about these amazing blocks is the ingenious hidden magnets!

The magnets are fantastic because they break the law of gravity during construction play, which means there’s a lower probability of tall structures (such as high towers) toppling over as with other blocks.

When I got the first set for my son, he played with the blocks for the first hour or so and then started moving around the house looking for stuff that could stick onto the block.

I think this is a good science lesson on magnetic materials and forces, right?

I also love that when the blocks snap together, they make some extremely satisfying click.

Another thing is that because of the magnets’ polarity, the blocks must snap the right way round.

So, kids will have to think critically while playing with the blocks, which is very good exercise for their creativity and problem-solving skills.

What’s more, these blocks are perfectly safe for kids!

They’re made from natural materials – wood.

They have no lead, no plastic, and do not come with small parts.

As for the magnets, they’re hidden within the blocks so kids can’t access them. How they do it is a trade secret they may never reveal!

Moreover, the blocks are coated with a safe, non-toxic finish that is mostly water-based to enhance the grain of the wood.

As a result, the blocks can last for generations!

You’re probably wondering, is my child old enough for these amazing blocks?

I got you covered, read on…

Tegu Blocks Age Range

Tegu blocks are safe for kids as young as 1 year old.

As explained above, the magnets are hidden deep inside each block, such that kids cannot access them.

Furthermore, the fact that these amazing blocks are made from natural materials with non-toxic paint means that they’re safe even for kids who like to “taste” toys.

As for the maximum age range, there’s really no restriction.

Even adults play with Tegu too!

Don’t forget that building blocks are fantastic pieces for Alzheimer’s patients.

Now let me introduce to you one of the best Tegu blocks – their travel sets.

Tegu Blocks Travel Sets

If you’re looking for something to keep your children busy as you travel, Tegu blocks travel sets will serve you well.

The blocks are specially designed for travel, be it in the car or on the plane. Your little one can even play with them at the restaurant!

The best thing is that they’re easy to move around with, building on the go.

Fortunately, you don’t have to buy separate block sets for playing indoors and another for travel because the travel sets are compatible with all other Tegu blocks!

Photo by Mikhail Nilov.

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