October 31 is a day we all look forward to each year.

It’s Halloween, the holiday to turn into some creepy, kooky and mysterious monsters, witches and ghosts in a ghostly, spooky environment.

Well, for babies, this is the time they face up to the scary monsters and try their best to get over their fearful natures.

Despite this, when the experience becomes too scary, the holiday will definitely be ruined.

So, it’s very important to know which gifts to get babies for Halloween holidays.

Let me share with you a few ideas of what to get a baby for Halloween.

By Lilian.

Baby Halloween Gift Ideas

Get them a Halloween Basket

I gifted my nephew a Halloween basket with Halloween candy and some few goodie-bag items.

He loved it!

Spooky baskets, mostly designed for Easter, are also fantastic as long as they’re Halloween themed.

This time, instead of filling up the basket with Easter’s bunnies and eggs, fill it up with candy, tiny pumpkins and little ghosts!

How about Halloween Pajamas?

One aspect of Halloween you can never ignore is dressing up.

Soft, cozy Halloween pajamas will never be out of fashion.

To evoke the Halloween ecstatic feeling, prioritize pajamas with patterns of ghosts, candy, pumpkins, bats or dinosaur skeletons.

Have you tried Superhero Caps?

Get some caps themed in your baby’s favorite superheroes.

Be it Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Superman or Batman.

A Pumpkin Halloween Play Set is great too!

You can choose a play set with a ghost that squeaks, a spider that rattles, a cat that meows and a candy corn that crinkles.

Ensure the pumpkin is the right size for your baby’s hands.

Let them fill and spill all the toys around.

Get some Halloween Roll Stickers

There’s just something about stickers that’s fun, even for adults.

Experts suggest that stickers spark positive emotional responses of excitement and happiness, which is why kids love stickers so much.

How about you get some Halloween stickers with funny faces, pumpkins, ghosts, bats and superheroes for your little one?

Have you thought about a Halloween Plush Toy Set?

Halloween plush toy sets have stuffed animals wearing Halloween costumes, especially witch hats.

Most of them come with stuffed dinosaurs, puppies, cats, bears, etc.

What Should I Do for Baby’s First Halloween?

Get an Engraved Name Plaque

For baby’s first Halloween, consider getting them a personalized name plaque, preferably made from wood.

If, for instance, your daughter’s name is Jayda, the name plaque can read “Jayda’s First Halloween”.

Let them take a photo with it which they’ll look back on years from now.

How about Personalized Baby Hats?

Baby hats are age-old gifts that still top the list of baby gifts for most guys.

A baby hat that comes emblazoned with the baby’s name and a pumpkin patch is an awesome gift for your baby’s first Halloween.

What’s more, they’re going to wear this hat even on other days, not just Halloween.

Consider Getting Halloween-inspired Burp Cloths or Bibs

If the baby is under 6 months, get them some Halloween-inspired bibs and burp cloths.

Each piece can have patches of pumpkins or a simple inscription of the baby’s name and First Halloween.

For example, “Ethan’s First Halloween!”

A T-shirt/Bodysuit is Great too

You can get one with the words “It’s My First Halloween” and a pumpkin patch.

Halloween Teething Toys are also Stunning

Baby’s first Halloween is around the time they’re teething – sooner or later.

So, teething toys are a perfect gift for Halloween.

Ensure the teethers are made of non-toxic, safe for children material which is easy to clean.

Ideas for Funny Baby Halloween Costumes

It’s not such a hassle getting funny baby Halloween costumes. Here are a few ideas.

Baby Halloween Costumes inspired by Fascinating Animals

Find out which animals fascinate your baby the most (or decide which ones are most relatable depending on your child).

You’ll be sure to find a Halloween costume for the identified animal.

Be it an Octopus, giraffe, baby lion, dinosaur, chick, turtle, gorilla, little bird, duck, fish, elephants, monkeys or any other of your preference.

Baby Halloween Costumes Inspired by Superheroes

Baby Halloween Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman or Spiderman superhero costumes are fantastic options!

Astronaut Baby Halloween Costumes

This is a great option for older kids that are fascinated with Space.

Bodybuilder Halloween Costumes

If your kid loves watching bodybuilders on TV, a bodybuilder costume will keep their spirits high the entire Halloween.

It will also keep grandma/grandpa giggling!

Ideas for Mom and Baby Halloween Costumes

As your little one goes for a trick-or-treat, how about momma dressing up in matching outfits with her baby. Here are a few ideas.

Shark Costumes

These ones are quite common.

Dress up as Mommy Shark and Baby Shark and head out for that trick-or-treat as a duo!

Bear Costumes

Matching Mama Bear and Baby Bear costumes will have heads turning everywhere you go.

Monkey Costumes

Remember the song “Monkeys jumping on the bed?”

Well, dress up as the mom and your baby dresses up as a little monkey.

Daddy can play the Doctor’s role, breaking the bad news to the monkey jumping on the bed.

Baker and Cupcake Costumes

Mummy is the baker; she’ll wear her kitchen hat, apron and gloves and carry her baby dressed up and put on a baby carrier as a cupcake.

How about you go to a family Halloween festival dressed up like this?

Chef and Spaghetti Pot Costumes

Mommy dresses up as a chef and carries her baby in a carrier bag that has little spaghetti-like threads on the edges as a pot spilling out spaghetti.

Which Halloween costumes do you love most?

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